Am I Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal can be experienced when an individual abruptly reduces or ceases their alcohol intake after a period of heavy drinking. Withdrawal signs can begin whether the binge drinking period lasted days, months or years. Symptoms of withdrawal can range in severity from mild to serious to fatal. How do I know if I am Read more about Am I Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawal?[…]

What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Your personalized treatment plan will depend partially on the type of substance for which you are seeking treatment, although some of the basic tenets of treatment persist across programs. These include an emphasis on sustaining recovery and ultimately reaching sobriety. Medication-assisted treatment Medication-assisted treatment is perhaps one of the safest treatment options for drug and Read more about What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Treatment?[…]

6 Questions You Can Find Answers to in Marriage Counseling

Just like your relationship, no two marriage counseling sessions are the same. The conversation you share with your spouse and your mental health professional will be expertly catered to your unique needs. While all couples are unique, many of them face similar issues, and therefore marriage counseling often involves many of the same questions. These Read more about 6 Questions You Can Find Answers to in Marriage Counseling[…]