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The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health

Everyone knows that we need sleep; even if we try to fight it, we will fall asleep eventually. What does it do to our mental health if we don’t get enough sleep? And what do we do when our mental health is negatively affecting our sleep? How does sleep affect mental health? Sleep is integral Read more about The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health[…]

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Knowing What to Trust and What to Ignore Online

Over the past few years many aspects of our lives have shifted online, and even services previously unavailable have undergone the shift thanks to recent lockdowns. You can schedule appointments, grocery shop and even meet with a doctor, all through your mobile device or computer. With this increased ease and availability, also comes the need Read more about Knowing What to Trust and What to Ignore Online[…]

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4 Ways Counseling Can Benefit Students

Counseling can sound scary, especially for students who have never done it before. Thankfully, counseling can actually provide serious benefits for students enduring large-scale life changes and periods of stress, who may not know how to deal with it all. Life changes Students in elementary school, high school and college alike experience big life changes Read more about 4 Ways Counseling Can Benefit Students[…]

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Short and Long-Term Effects of Adderall on Your Body

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want an easy way to enhance their performance, and that’s what draws many people into using (and later, abusing) Adderall. While at first glance Adderall may seem to only offer benefits, it can lead to some terrible consequences.  In this article we’ll look at what Adderall Read more about Short and Long-Term Effects of Adderall on Your Body[…]