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How Do I Get Out of a Codependent Relationship?

What is a codependent relationship? If you have had the thought that perhaps you or a loved one are involved in a codependent relationship, chances are you first asked the question: “What is a codependent relationship?” Maybe the term has been thrown around in your workplace or at the dinner table one too many times Read more about How Do I Get Out of a Codependent Relationship?[…]

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What Can I Expect from Substance Use Aftercare Treatment?

Seeking recovery from substance abuse can be exhausting. According to the American Addiction Centers, alcohol relapse rates are between 20 and 80 percent, even for those who attend treatment. If you’re looking for help to fight your addiction the possibility of relapse might feel defeated, especially if you don’t feel like you have good social Read more about What Can I Expect from Substance Use Aftercare Treatment?[…]

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Taking Advantage of Counseling for Substance Use

Handling life’s events solo is lonely, scary and difficult. Sometimes, individuals need support through tough times, and counseling provides a positive and constructive outlet to manage stress.  What is counseling in general? The American Psychological Association defines counseling as the practice of interactions between a client and a counselor aimed at improving functioning in work, Read more about Taking Advantage of Counseling for Substance Use[…]