5 Unexpected Benefits You’ll Experience Through Online Counseling

With more treatment moving online in the wake of the current global pandemic, online counseling has become a viable therapy option for so many individuals around the world. With the ability to receive valuable treatment without ever leaving the comfort of one’s own home, teletherapy delivers many of the same benefits no matter where patients happen to be located.

Online counseling delivers some obvious benefits – you’ll receive valuable therapy, prescriptions of FDA-approved medication where appropriate, etc. Some of the benefits that teletherapy offers are a bit more unexpected, and offer even more reasons why you should consider online counseling as an accredited treatment method. From comfortable outfits to zero-minute wait times, here are some of the benefits to teletherapy that you may not be aware of.

1. Wear your most comfortable outfit to receive counseling

Consider this your invitation to throw on your most comfortable outfit before you receive online counseling. Whether it’s your favorite pair of sweatpants or a comfortable beanie, we encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel at home.

Wearing a comfortable outfit does far more than put you into your favorite sweatshirt; it also helps to put you into the right frame of mind. Much of teletherapy hinges on both counselors and clients feeling comfortable enough to sustain a conversation, through open, honest communication. Comfortable clothing makes the open dialogue to follow that much easier to reach, since outfits go a long way toward instilling confidence and peace of mind.

2. Receive counseling anywhere on the globe

There’s really no limit to where you can choose to receive counseling! As long as you can establish an internet connection, you could literally receive counseling anywhere on earth – in your garden, on the beach, in your home or in the park.

Sometimes, your environment can even help to put you into the right frame of mind to receive teletherapy services. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to receive online counseling in your home office, in your bedroom or from the dining room table. However, why not try counseling in your favorite outdoor spot? Especially if you find the home to be a busy place during the day, find a place that really helps you to relax.

3. Learn to talk to others about your challenges

Online counseling provides an avenue for so many individuals, facing a wide variety of life’s challenges, to speak openly about their experiences.

Not only will you be able to open up about everything you’re facing, you’ll also be able to communicate with a licensed healthcare professional qualified to help you navigate mental and behavioral health issues. Especially if you’re someone who processes your choices and emotions through dialogue and open speech, online counseling is the outlet you need to voice your thoughts in a controlled, non-judgmental atmosphere.

4. You don’t need to drive

One of the chief benefits to online counseling that sometimes flies under the radar is the fact that when you receive online counseling, you don’t need to drive anywhere! Obviously, if you choose to receive counseling in a local park or another location other than your home, you may need to drive to reach that location. But in general, you won’t be required to drive to any office or clinic to receive the therapy you’re looking for.

The ability to receive counseling remotely also allows everyone and anyone with an internet connection to receive care. This means that patients located in remote locations, patients without vehicles or transportation, disabled patients and sick patients can now receive counseling easily and securely.

In addition, weather and varying road conditions sometimes present a challenge in reaching the counseling office. Thanks to online counseling, you can skip icy roads and stay inside during the next thunderstorm.

5. Average wait time: zero minutes

Wasting time in a waiting room is a thing of the past, when it comes to online counseling. Once you filter through hundreds of counselor profiles and choose the therapist or psychiatrist that’s right for you, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment on your counselor’s calendar during a time that works best for you.

When your counseling appointment time arrives, you’ll only need to log into the secure, encrypted online platform, that allows a secure connection between client and counselor. Once both parties arrive in the online portal, your session begins! No wait times, no delays: simple arrive log in for your scheduled session, and your counselor will be waiting on the other end.

Online counseling when you want, how you want

We understand how important it is to receive the therapy you need. Whether you’re looking for zero-minute wait times, flexible scheduling or the ability to receive counseling without having to drive to a counseling center, Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling wants to help you take back self-confidence and peace of mind. Take your first step in your therapy journey and schedule your first appointment through Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling today, through HIPAA-compliant counseling services that help you address mental and behavioral health, substance use, etc.