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Substance Use Counseling: A Roadmap Toward Recovery

The first step in recovery for anyone is accepting the need for help. A person may have to overcome mental blocks, stigma and his or her own expectations in order to come to terms with an addiction. However, once we can acknowledge that we need treatment, the real work can begin. Everyone’s needs are different, Read more about Substance Use Counseling: A Roadmap Toward Recovery[…]

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Suicide Signs in Children that Every Parent Should Recognize

The topic of suicide traditionally isn’t one which frequently involves children. It tends to be a serious discussion among adults, and while it’s important to still protect young hearts from heavy topics, it’s equally important to have open and honest conversations with kids when the topic involves them. Tragically, suicide is no longer something only Read more about Suicide Signs in Children that Every Parent Should Recognize[…]

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4 Ways Substance Use and Mental Health Are Connected

Struggling with substance use is a lot to handle. Add mental health concerns to the table, and anyone would feel overwhelmed. Sadly, there are millions of people in the United States alone who struggle with both substance abuse and mental health simultaneously. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about half of the people Read more about 4 Ways Substance Use and Mental Health Are Connected[…]

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Raising Mentally Healthy Children

If you’ve ever dived into research about methods on raising kids, odds are you’ve come across tens of thousands of articles with tips, tricks and suggestions. While sifting through these opinions, testing them out here and there, you’ve probably discovered that what might work with one child doesn’t work with another. Personality differences in your Read more about Raising Mentally Healthy Children[…]

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What is the first day of online counseling like?

Online counseling has become the new normal, especially this year in the wake of a global pandemic. Where before, clients would walk through the doors of a counselor, therapist or psychiatrist in preparation for an in-person meeting, now a majority of therapy settings take place online. And although there are certainly differences between online and Read more about What is the first day of online counseling like?[…]