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How Do I Get Out of a Codependent Relationship?

What is a codependent relationship? If you have had the thought that perhaps you or a loved one are involved in a codependent relationship, chances are you first asked the question: “What is a codependent relationship?” Maybe the term has been thrown around in your workplace or at the dinner table one too many times Read more about How Do I Get Out of a Codependent Relationship?[…]

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Unsure About Couples Counseling? Understand the Various Types and Their Uses

What’s the difference between couples counseling, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, and divorce counseling? All forms of couples counseling will likely be performed by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who can facilitate open communication, but there are a few distinctions between each type of counseling. Couples counseling can be a preventative or a reactive measure Read more about Unsure About Couples Counseling? Understand the Various Types and Their Uses[…]

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6 Questions You Can Find Answers to in Marriage Counseling

Just like your relationship, no two marriage counseling sessions are the same. The conversation you share with your spouse and your mental health professional will be expertly catered to your unique needs. While all couples are unique, many of them face similar issues, and therefore marriage counseling often involves many of the same questions. These Read more about 6 Questions You Can Find Answers to in Marriage Counseling[…]

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How to Get the Most from Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can seem daunting at first. If you’re about to begin counseling, you are likely feeling nervous, apprehensive, and, hopefully, excited. Seeking therapy is an important step in repairing and/or building a healthy, lasting relationship. However, it’s important to understand that couples get out of therapy what they put into it. In other words, Read more about How to Get the Most from Marriage Counseling[…]

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How Premarital Counseling Helps

It can be easy, during the whirlwind of a wedding engagement, to overlook some of the key preparations. Sure, the wedding has to be planned and there are other major life decisions to consider, but premarital counseling can quickly get lost in the shuffle. However, couples who wish to avoid trouble in the future will Read more about How Premarital Counseling Helps[…]

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How Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Couples going through a rough patch or seeking to strengthen their shared bond often seem to resist the idea of professional counseling services. Many people have their own ideas of what couples therapy is like and what it can do for a relationship. Understanding how counseling works goes a long way in providing clarity and Read more about How Does Marriage Counseling Work?[…]