Steps to Help You Learn From Your Mistakes

When we’re little, we learn by doing things wrong and experiencing the consequences: we pull the cat’s tail and get scratched, we get curious about the oven and get burned and we repeatedly crash land when Dad first takes the training wheels off our bikes. Kids learn quickly that certain techniques work; it’s those techniques Read more about Steps to Help You Learn From Your Mistakes[…]

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Your guide to anger and pain management

Everyone experiences anger and discomfort at some point, but it is never a pleasant experience. Perhaps you feel so influenced by these sensations in your daily life that you are rendered incapable of maintaining healthy relationships or a balanced routine. If you or a loved one is struggling with anger or pain management, try these Read more about Your guide to anger and pain management[…]

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Taking Mindfulness to the Dinner Table

Did you know that what you eat directly impacts how you function throughout the day?  Another question: have you ever poured maple syrup into your car’s gas tank?  Hopefully not.  But what’s the point here, why these seemingly unrelated questions?  Well, think of it this way — your gut is the gas tank of your Read more about Taking Mindfulness to the Dinner Table[…]

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A selection of mental health themed novels and memoirs

Picking up a book has the power to transfer us to another universe, connect us with strangers or provide hope and comfort during difficult times. And while reading is educational, it also can be incredibly relaxing. If you’re looking for a summer read, consider one, two or all of these titles focused on the important Read more about A selection of mental health themed novels and memoirs[…]

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The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health

Everyone knows that we need sleep; even if we try to fight it, we will fall asleep eventually. What does it do to our mental health if we don’t get enough sleep? And what do we do when our mental health is negatively affecting our sleep? How does sleep affect mental health? Sleep is integral Read more about The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health[…]

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4 Ways Counseling Can Benefit Students

Counseling can sound scary, especially for students who have never done it before. Thankfully, counseling can actually provide serious benefits for students enduring large-scale life changes and periods of stress, who may not know how to deal with it all. Life changes Students in elementary school, high school and college alike experience big life changes Read more about 4 Ways Counseling Can Benefit Students[…]

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Learning to Forgive Yourself on the Path to Self-Worth

Forgiving yourself is tough. Sometimes, it can be even harder than forgiving someone else. While learning to acknowledge errors and move forward can be difficult, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Knowing how to forgive yourself is important because it fosters a healthy self-esteem and helps you feel comfortable forgiving others, too. Read more about Learning to Forgive Yourself on the Path to Self-Worth[…]