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Taking Advantage of Counseling for Substance Use

Handling life’s events solo is lonely, scary and difficult. Sometimes, individuals need support through tough times, and counseling provides a positive and constructive outlet to manage stress.  What is counseling in general? The American Psychological Association defines counseling as the practice of interactions between a client and a counselor aimed at improving functioning in work, Read more about Taking Advantage of Counseling for Substance Use[…]

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Making the Most of Your In-Person Counseling Visit

With the onset of the pandemic, most counseling switched over to a virtual platform, rather than in-office services. As vaccines have become available and the world has slowly reopened, people are now able to take advantage of the benefits of in-person counseling again. As you head back into the office or start for the first Read more about Making the Most of Your In-Person Counseling Visit[…]

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Will Online Counseling Work for Me?

According to Forbes, the average person spends about 4.3 hours on the phone per day; a number that has only increased with the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether you fall above those four hours or well below, many of our regular activities have shifted to a virtual setting. Although unchecked screen time can have negative effects, technology Read more about Will Online Counseling Work for Me?[…]

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What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Your personalized treatment plan will depend partially on the type of substance for which you are seeking treatment, although some of the basic tenets of treatment persist across programs. These include an emphasis on sustaining recovery and ultimately reaching sobriety. Medication-assisted treatment Medication-assisted treatment is perhaps one of the safest treatment options for drug and Read more about What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Treatment?[…]

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Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Safe?

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is one of the leading modalities used to treat opioid use disorder. It utilizes a combination of FDA-approved medications as well as counseling and behavioral therapy in pursuit of not only immediate substance addiction treatment but also the cultivation of sustainable recovery and reduction of the risk of overdose and death. Read more about Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Safe?[…]

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Substance Use Counseling: A Roadmap Toward Recovery

The first step in recovery for anyone is accepting the need for help. A person may have to overcome mental blocks, stigma and his or her own expectations in order to come to terms with an addiction. However, once we can acknowledge that we need treatment, the real work can begin. Everyone’s needs are different, Read more about Substance Use Counseling: A Roadmap Toward Recovery[…]

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Walking with Your Teen Through DUI Recovery

If you are a parent, guardian, caretaker or friend of a teen who is faced with a DUI charge, know that you are not powerless. There are many ways you can show support while still allowing the teen to experience some of the natural consequences of the dangerous behavior, and hopefully reduce the risk of Read more about Walking with Your Teen Through DUI Recovery[…]

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Suicide Signs in Children that Every Parent Should Recognize

The topic of suicide traditionally isn’t one which frequently involves children. It tends to be a serious discussion among adults, and while it’s important to still protect young hearts from heavy topics, it’s equally important to have open and honest conversations with kids when the topic involves them. Tragically, suicide is no longer something only Read more about Suicide Signs in Children that Every Parent Should Recognize[…]

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4 Ways Substance Use and Mental Health Are Connected

Struggling with substance use is a lot to handle. Add mental health concerns to the table, and anyone would feel overwhelmed. Sadly, there are millions of people in the United States alone who struggle with both substance abuse and mental health simultaneously. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about half of the people Read more about 4 Ways Substance Use and Mental Health Are Connected[…]

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What Can I Expect from Grief Therapy?

If you’re experiencing grief and loss, you know that there’s no single template for how to deal with everything you’re thinking and feeling. After the loss of a friend, family member, peer or pet, or any other instance of loss, it’s sometimes easy to fall into self-destructive behaviors. That’s why grief therapy is so important: Read more about What Can I Expect from Grief Therapy?[…]