Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Services

Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling services is proud to offer a comprehensive medication-assisted treatment program for individuals ages 13+ struggling with addiction, substance use, or any type of mental or behavioral health issue.

Our licensed counselors provide a balanced approach; utilizing addiction medicine to support progress in treatment and helping our clients create a durable recovery.  As one of the top recommended treatment options for individuals working through opiate use disorder, MAT is able to support the insight and tools that empower our clients to be confident in their commitment to recovery.

Our medication-assisted treatment services include:

  • In-office counseling or teletherapy options
  • Individual MAT consultation
  • Medication-Assisted Therapy with counseling
  • Daily Acute Partial Program
  • Safe, FDA-approved medications
  • Evidence-based treatment approach

MAT for Improved Health and Wellness

Our approach to therapy extends beyond simply eliminating substance use by focusing on providing our clients with the insight, tools and support to create a meaningful life.  Certified health professionals utilize diagnostic and placement criteria to prescribe medication and level of care to match the unique needs of our clients. Far from simply substituting one substance dependence for another, utilizing MAT as a support to traditional therapy empowers our clients to create more confidence in their commitment to recovery by mitigating some of the disability experienced in early recovery.

Just like we’ve done for so many others, Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling can help you take back your life through medication-assisted treatment.  Medications are always FDA-approved, prescriptions are closely monitored and therapy is tailored for individual results.

You’ll receive evidence-based treatment at your convenience.  We support adolescents, teens, adults and their families through the treatment process, offering the highest quality of MAT care. Schedule a same-day or next-day appointment during a morning, afternoon or evening time that works for you.

Improved health and wellness starts on the first day of your medication-assisted treatment program through Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling. We offer a structured approach to both prescribed medication and applied therapy, working to improve the whole person. Achieve mental, emotional and spiritual stability through a personalized treatment process.

Freedom from Addiction Starts Today

If you’re addicted to opioids or other damaging substances, medication-assisted treatment from Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling can help put days of dependence behind you. Take back control of your own decisions and develop the strength to turn down your addictions, all through a professionally-prescribed combination of medication and therapy.

Our medication-assisted treatment services can help mark the beginning of your freedom from addiction. Reduce cravings to manageable levels, outlast withdrawal and pursue the full quality of life you know you deserve. Your journey toward improved quality of life, life free from damaging substances, can begin today.

Our Substance Use Services Include:

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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Full Continuum of Adolescent Outpatient Services

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Drug Screening

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Dual Diagnosis

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DUI Assessments

More About Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling

Our offices in Harrisburg, Hershey, and Mechanicsburg provide specialized, client-centered treatment options for individuals age 13 and older. In effort to make treatment as accessible as possible, we can provide roundtrip transportation for several of our adolescent counseling groups and IOP groups.

Since 1983, Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling Services has held a full license through the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and provides substance use services to the greater Pennsylvania Area. Expert, licensed staff combine evidence-based practices with goal-based therapy to help you through any of your substance use concerns.

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